Saturday, April 11, 2009

Plans Change...

If you know me well, you know that I am a planner. In fact, I am the planner of all planners. At work I have 3 lists: List A, B, and C. I plan what has to be done every day on list A, what should be done on list B and what would be great if I could get a chance to do on List C. On weekends, if we have a lot going on, I prefer to write down what should be done hour by hour. In recent years, I wasn't happy if everything didn't get done, or if everything didn't go as planned. But the last few years of life I've realized things really never go as planned. So I might as well get over it. And normally I do, especially at work lately with all of its craziness.

But this weekend we had fun plans. Easter Dinner with Charlie's family today at noon, and then an Easter Egg hunt with all the kids. A much needed hair appointment after that and then off to nonna and poppas to get ready for Easter. Sunday would be church, of course. Avery's first church debut since RSV season with a church family that loves her more than any other. And prays for her faithfully. In a beautiful, expensive, special, first Easter Dress. Afterwards a delicious dinner at nonna and poppa's house with pops and gran gran. Plans, plans and more plans.

Well, Avery has been sick now for a day or two. She ran fever all night even with Motrin, and woke up with fever. And after more Motrin, she is still running fever. And sneezing. And sniffling. And coughing. And has more snot that I've ever seen in my life. So, once again, plans have changed. Here we are, sitting around, Avery is snoozing. I have no Easter Dinner planned...guess I need to make a trip to Brookshire's. I really take it for granted that my mom always takes care of these things. So this Easter will be quiet. No family. No delicious dinner (although I will try my best). No Easter dress (unless I decide to put her in it just for kicks!) No church. Just resting with a sick baby. 

I guess there is one good thing - I have an excellent excuse to skip daycare next week.

Click here to see more pics at Biedenharn...taken by a  much better camera!


M J said...

If it makes you feel any better, Tatiana had breakthrough chicken pox (what they get EVEN THOUGH they've had the vaccine >/ ) on her birthday last year. We got take out and trouped over to Nana and Papa's anyway, but it still stunk that we couldn't do anything more exciting for her. :( I'll be praying for Avery to feel better soon!!!

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

Love the list, I learned to be list obsessed from you. i seriously have a list on the fridge, a wedding list in my car visor, a wedding list in my purse, and random sticky notes everywhere. Plus stuff is written in my school books. Hope Avery feels better soon!

Cristi said...

Love the pictures. We have to remember that Avery is sick because she was a 2 pound 27 weeker. Thankfully she survived. No other way to look at it. Hope she feels better soon. Mom