Monday, April 6, 2009

Not Me Monday

Well...I guess you could say "I'm baaaaaack"... back to Not Me Monday'ing again! Please go see MckMama's blog...Stellan needs your prayer.

1. I did not feel totally guilty all day long because Avery started daycare today. I did not keep thinking, "Something just isn't right about this. Where did I go wrong?"  Then I would think, "If I would've just graduated college first!" And quickly realize, #1 I did graduate with a mini degree - lol - and #2 - really that wouldn't have necessarily helped the situation.

2. I did not finally figure out what I should be thinking: "Why didn't I marry a doctor!?!" I did not quickly decide that was not the right option either, as the doctor would probably never be home, he would never make me laugh like Charlie can and of course, Avery wouldn't be Avery.... 

3. I did not consider for about 3 milliseconds, robbing a bank and wonder how long that would allow me to stay at home. CPS Disclaimer: I obviously do not actually plan on committing any type of crime.

4.  I did not forget an important ingredient in my spaghetti and make a very runny, soupy version. Avery did not thoroughly enjoy it anyway! I did not enjoy it as well, especially since I'm suppossed to be on Weight Watchers and spaghetti's points are off the chart (not to even mention the garlic bread and sweet tea...ooops?)

5. I did not admit to myself last week that I cannot possibly get everything done at work 100% of the time AND spend enough time with my precious family. I did not come to the conclusion that for 40 hours/week I will work as hard as possible, as quickly as possible, but when things go undone I will NOT feel obligated to work overtime!

6. I did not just write the most boring Not Me Monday ever because I am not consumed with thoughts of the dreadful daycare.


Beth E. said...

Spaghetti, garlic bread, and sweet tea....YUMMO! ;o)

Mallory said...

i decided to get off ww just for this past weekend so i could eat my chili and "enjoy" myself...but i haven't gotten back on it yet =)

and now i'm enjoying a glass of milk and a big 'little debbie' chocolate cookie...not to mention i ate a million calories in cheese fries from outback tonight...i'm feeling the bloat =)

thekennonfamily said...

You feelings are normal! I remember going through those same emotions about daycare. The first week was emotionally draining. The second week was still hard, but not as hard. It's gets better and better everyweek (everyday). Now, Cameron loves going to "school." Expect to see Avery develop even faster now. Good luck!

M J said...

Yay for weight watchers! I'm on, too. I lost a LOT on it a couple of years ago, but I didn't pay attention to what I was doing once I lost, so have gained a lot of it back. :( No matter where you send your kids, you'll feel guilty. I still do, and our girls go to my mom.